CIT program

Due to staffing problems, we have had to cancel our gr. 2-5 and gr. 6-8 camps for this year — more here. UNFORTUNATELY, THIS MEANS THERE WILL BE NO C.I.T. PROGRAM IN 2017.

The following information is provided as a reference for future years:

The Gr. 2-5 Camp includes a Counselor-In-Training (C.I.T.) program for young people who complete grades 6-8 in 2017.

We are looking for middle schoolers who enjoy younger children, who like the outdoors, and who want to build skills in both areas. We want C.I.T.s who know how to have fun (safely), and who can communicate their sense of fun to their group. We don’t take just anyone — you must apply to be a C.I.T. — but if you think this describes your middle schooler, we’d love to hear from you!

We expect C.I.T.s to grow in outdoor skills and leadership skills by helping lead a group of campers, and we want them to have a fun and rewarding camp experience themselves.

Time frame: During the week of Gr. 2-5 Camp (June 19-23), C.I.T.s participate during regular camp hours of 9:00 to 3:30 (they may arrange to stay for for extended hours at additional cost). C.I.T.s participate in a safety training. We encourage C.I.T.s to join the overnight camping trip on Thursday night through Friday morning of camp ($60 fee to cover food and campsite cost).

Cost: C.I.T.s are charged $180 for the week of June 19-23, from 9-3 (additional charge for overnight and extended day).

If you’re accepted into the C.I.T. program, we want you to attend the middle school camp, June 12-16. Once you’re accepted into the C.I.T. program, your registration fee for the middle school camp drops to $180 (additional charge for overnight and extended day).

Because C.I.T.s pay half the ordinary rate for camp, we consider the other half of their time as volunteer time. Our camp director will sign school volunteer hour forms for 15 hours of volunteer time.

What a C.I.T. does:
— Assists the counselors in leading the day’s activities
— Participates in all activities with the campers, making camp fun for themselves and their campers
— Serves as a role model to younger children by demonstrating high standards of personal conduct
— Prepares to become a counselor, including following all camp rules, procedures, and routines
— We encourage C.I.T.s to plan and co-lead an afternoon choice activity on their own, with help from camp staff

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